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Tori Kruse

Tori Kruse is currently a freelance sports reporter and a full-time model. In 2013, Tori graduated from the University of Iowa with her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Entrepreneurial Management. After graduating college, she began her Miss Missouri USA journey in St. Louis while establishing a career in outside sales.

As a result of the accomplishments in pageantry and experience in modeling, Tori has signed with talent agencies nationwide. She has been featured on E! News as a Tresemme model, along with appearing in multiple fashion shows as a runway model for Disneyland, Grayse, and Neiman Marcus.

Tori’s constant focus on her career can be overshadowed by her passion to volunteer her time and give back to the community. Her adoration for helping children and adults with special needs has always been near to her heart. Tori was honored to be this year’s sports reporter for the Special Olympics at the summer games. She also spends her time reading to underprivileged children and fundraises for organizations such as Nurses for Newborns, Habitat for Humanity, and KidSmart.

Tori thoroughly enjoys her active lifestyle while consistently making it a priority to spend time with family and friends. She has always maintained a strong faith which was instilled in her by her parents, Gary and Lori. During her childhood, Tori and her family traveled in their RV to 48 states and 9 provinces in Canada. She also had the privilege to study abroad in Florence, Italy, which gave her the opportunity to visit other countries throughout Europe.

As Miss Missouri USA 2018, Tori’s goal is to motivate and help young adults develop the courage and confidence to push past their comfort zones. Her hope, is by sharing her personal story, others will be inspired to overcome life’s obstacles and pursue their dreams. As an advocate for the Special Olympics, Tori will use her voice to express the importance of equality amongst all individuals.

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